Today YOU have the opportunity to take things to the next level in your own business but without spending the next year of your life doing it…

From:  Infinite Income Club Team
Subject:  Incredible Reseller Opportunity

Did you know you’re about to become a serious player in the Internet Marketing arena?..

I’m not kidding, if you’ve ever wanted to ‘Go Big’ with membership marketing but have been put off by the costs, the time and the amount of hard work involved then I guarantee you are going to love this page!

You see I’ve decided to hand over the reseller licences to not 1 but 10 fully loaded membership sites, each one is built around the hugely profitable and “freemium” based model – These things are as good as money in the bank!

There’s a smorgasbord of powerful monetization features built into the sites, you can go live TODAY and they’re making money right now for the resellers who have already taken advantage of this offer.

The topics/niches have been carefully selected to satisfy the rabid demand for information in the marketplace – These are Million Dollar markets!   And the best part is that we’ve done everything for you

No kidding – this is as ‘hands free’ as anything you’ll ever see online – And the result is you get to bypass the learning curve, eliminate the costs, save months, (perhaps years), of development time and just get started today! 

Full Automation, Massive Demand & Guaranteed Success

And when I say ‘hands free’ I mean it…  Nothing to host, no coding, no designing, no content to create, no sales copy to write nothing, nada, zip, zeeeroooo…

It’s ALL done for you from the tricky behind the scenes programming through to the high quality reports, audio and video content – nothing’s been left out it’s all here!

C’mon you have to admit that’s pretty damn cool isn’t it 🙂 

But even cooler… is how so much income potential has been carefully woven into every site and every page your members will see – (Heck you can give away free passes and make over $200 every time you do it!)

Things like:

  • Direct PayPal Payments that go straight into YOUR account

  • Upsell Offers continually tweaked behind the scenes to increase YOUR profits

  • Tempting promotions sent to members with YOUR affiliate links**

  • YOUR own banner ads and exit page links running inside each site

  • And much more

** Yes it’s true In addition to the membership fees and upgrades payments that’ll soon be heading your way, you’ll also get extra cash from the affiliate promotions regularly sent to members for you.  

So yes even the back-end marketing is done for you! – In fact, any time an email goes out to members it will have your affiliate link embedded in it

Get ready to watch your affiliate commissions EXPLODE!

mme4checkmark   Your Name On Each Site: Over the years I’ve found that the best way to improve your online branding and boost your ‘brand’ status is to run a high quality membership site.  When you’re the face of a popular site you instantly become the expert and the ‘go-to-guy’. 

When you take advantage of this offer you’ll get to be the expert at every site Each time you send a visitor to one of the sites and every time a members logs in they’ll see YOUR name on the sales pages and inside the member area welcome messages

mme4checkmark   Your Own Ads Running In Each Site:  Why recruit members only to make money for someone else?  I didn’t think that was fair, so via your site management panel you can rotate up to 3 of your own banner ads that will be displayed to all of your members –

Use these ad spots to cross-promote your other new membership sites [you will be given 3 eye catching banners for each of your 10 sites].  Or use these premium ad spots to promote your other products, your favourite affiliate programs – in fact anything you choose!  The bottom line is you get the profits – not me!

mme4checkmark  Set Logout Links To Your Own Sites:  Logout links are worth their weight in gold.  Each year I generate thousands of dollars from ‘exit’ traffic across my membership network.  And this little known money maker has been incorporated into the system for you.

Just select the site you want people to see when they leave your member’s area and the rest is done automatically.  Use this to drive tons of traffic to your blog, your other sales letters, your affiliate links – Anything!

mme4checkmark  Complete Ready Made Marketing Pack:  You’ll also get all the tools, gadgets and gizmos you could ever need to promote your sites. 

For each site you’ll receive – 2 squeeze page systems (use these to capture leads before providing memberships) There’s a long form squeeze page and a highly optimized hybrid version that’s been tested with some pretty amazing results.

Also included is a collection of articles, blog posts, banner ads, tweets, keyword research and thank you page bonus graphics – All you need to drive thousands of people into your sites.

And the whole process is simple… You login to your secure control panel, enter your data and click save.  That really is all you need to do.  You can start bringing in new members on multiple sites in less than an hour from now.

With AffiliateProfitsClub you can train your members how to finally win the affiliate game and position yourself as the ‘Go To Guy’ helping thousands of people get their big break in this exciting business.
With eMarketersClub you can teach members how to build, how to grow and then how to maximize their profits from their email lists… As a result you can expect to mop up big profits and build a legion of raving fans!
At MembershipMarketersClub you’ll be sharing everything your members need to know about market research, set up and choosing the right software all the way through to pricing strategy, membership models and retaining members.
Your members will love the information in PowerCopyClub because everything they learn will boost their sales and income – Everything’s covered from crafting short copy, long copy and how to do video sales letters the right way.
At PowerMarketersClub you’ll be sharing many advanced marketing techniques, including how to create profitable sales funnels, successful business Models along with solid information about on testing & tracking and exit strategies – packed full of advance level tips & tricks.
At ProductProfitsClub you’ll be offering members a head start in digital product development and marketing – teach them how to develop best selling  info-products and software (includes product research, outsourcing, promotion, pricing strategy and generating publicity)
Success Upgrade focuses on the key elements guaranteed to help your members improve themselves, their incomes and their lives – In turn that’s going to help you quickly & easily grow your long-term profits – Members will love this site and the more positive and successful lifestyle it will deliver to them

Without traffic business owners are dead in the water but now you can help them. 

With Traffic Generation Club you can satisfy this huge demand and teach thousands of site owners how to get what they need the most… more quality traffic to their sites.

If your goal is to help people succeed and to develop long term relationships with your customers then helping them find safe passage through these shark infested waters should be a number one priority.

With Web Profits Club you can do just that and in the process capture an endless stream of buyers who’ll likely become devoted fans for life!

WealthUpgradeClub will be your mass appeal site and suitable for both online and offline business owners – Give them all the wealth building advice they need including:

Legal (Asset Protection-Formations) / Taxation / Investments Through to Product Licensing, royalty payments and other long term income strategies for successful people.


Hosted on bullet-proof dedicated servers


Built using our powerful MemberSpeed™ software


Has Eye Catching Designs & Graphics


Includes Sizzling ‘Silver’ Membership Sales Copy


Has a Polished Upsell Page Sales letter


Includes A Persuasive Automated Email Follow Up Series

Inside each Silver (free) member area, your members have access to:


Exclusive Free Member Video


Professionally Voiced Audios


Authoritatively written reports

SNEAKY SECRET:  While it’s packed with killer, unique content, these materials have been purposely developed to lead your free members naturally towards upgrading their accounts to paid membership content –
Inside each Gold (paid) Member area, members have access to:


Helpful and informative welcome email messages (sent automatically)


More unique, premium quality videos


More professionally voiced informative audios


In-depth, high calibre training guides and reports

In addition all level members receive:


Regular recommended product mailings embedded with your affiliate links


Monthly member’s area recommended product reviews also embedded with your affiliate links (each time a member logs in you can make money)


‘Expert Panel’ Q&A’ Section in each site that’s guaranteed to add credibility and wow factor for your members – Just take a look at who’s already inside:


To keep members coming back for more (and upgrading and clicking your ads) they’ll receive regular emails, fresh articles & tips, extra reports, site updates and free bonuses all designed to hold their interest and provide incredible value in their membership.


PLUS+  Members will also see your banners & ads inside the member area (use these to drive traffic to your sites, offers and products) – Just upload your own banners via your private control panel.  You can even set the ‘Log Out’ links at each site to whichever destination you choose

And Because Each Site Is Built Around The FREEMIUM Model You Can Give Stuff Away And Make More Money…

Let’s do a few quick calculations for example purposes here:

If You Sell…

1 Gold Membership Upgrade Per Site, Per Month = $4,400 Per Year

1 Gold Membership Upgrade Per Site, Per Week = $17,600 Per Year

1 Gold Membership Upgrade Per Site, Per Day = $124,320 Per Year

Now factor in Platinum Upgrades, Monthly Commissions and other backend sales = $$$$$’s

Let me ask you a question:  What good would all this juicy automation be if you had to spend hours each month bogged down in support questions?  I think we both agree – the answer would be a resounding ‘no good at all’

However that’s often the reality of running your own membership site.  Support can eat away into your profits and it can take a lot of the fun out of running a site.  That’s why I’m including full professional support for all your members via our state of the art,  white label support desk.  We take care of it for you and make you look great.

Anytime your members have a problem or question they’ll receive a fast and professional reply right away.  We’ll keep your members happy, while you get to you get to stay completely stress and hassle free 🙂

Value:  10 Sites Support x Outsourced At $500 Per Month = $6,000 Per Year Value

If any of this sounds complicated then I’m sorry for not getting the message across well enough…

This is really incredibly simple –

You’ll discover when you join us just how easy we’ve made everything.  Don’t worry if you’re just getting started because there’s no guesswork involved here at all!

There’s no learning curve to master.  This isn’t a training course or ‘how to’ guide – 

We’ve bypassed all that and built it for you… 

The reality here is that you’re getting 5 years of trial and error and thousands of dollars spent tweaking and testing different business models all handed to you in one potentially life-changing package

And if you’re a Seasoned Pro?…

Well I’m guessing you’re already seeing the dollar signs starting to spin here… 

To be bold… if you had been the one with this offer I’d have already bought it from you 🙂

Just like me, you’re going to jump for joy at the simplicity of this ‘plug & play’ system. 

You can simply slot these sites into your existing business in a few minutes and you’ll be ready to rock and roll.  You can start adding thousands of extra dollars in easy profits to your existing business from the minute you get started!

NO RESTRICTIONS:  Rest assured there are NO hidden limits to how many new memberships you can sell. 

You can bring in as many free and paid members as you like at each site…

Now if you jumped ahead and did the math on the actual ‘do it yourself’ costs listed above you’ll already know that just one of these sites would cost around $5,000 – $10,000 to replicate yourself…


1st Site: Do It Yourself Cost $7,500


2nd Site: Do It Yourself Cost $15,000


3rd Site: Do It Yourself Cost $22,500


4th Site:  Do It Yourself Cost $30,000

And so on…

Bottom line:  Your DIY Cost for all 10 would be $75,000 MINIMUM

… And if you worked flat out – you’d be looking at around 12 months at least for development time

The network effect really ramps up your earnings potential but remember it also ramps up the costs involved and when you factor in all the additional day to day running costs including member support it’s not a stretch here to suggest that 10 sites like these would set you back somewhere between $50,000 – $100,000 in set up costs.


Here’s What Reseller’s Are Already Saying…


“This is a fantastic business opportunity for anyone, newbie or otherwise, looking for a shortcut to build their lists and bring cash into their business almost straight away.

The automated, plug & play features are a masterstroke, these membership sites are pure art, with every angle covered.”

Jerry Holliday

“I have always been impressed by the incredible value you pack into your products and membership sites, but this is probably the craziest offer I have seen ANYWHERE online.

Everyone knows that membership sites are a great way to build a recurring income online, but unfortunately that’s MUCH easier said than done…

Setting up the membership site, creating its content, and handling the customer service issues that go along with it can be an EXTREMELY daunting task for most of us, which is why so many people have membership ideas instead of membership sites.

You’ve removed the excuses and barriers most people have and made it SUPER simple to start earning an income almost right away. I am BLOWN AWAY by how powerful this system is and the earning potential it provides.”

Jit Uppal

“Anyone sitting on the fence wondering if they should purchase shouldn’t give it a second thought. This is the ultimate business in a box – like a franchise but even better. If you ever wanted to start your own business now is the time because you get everything you need!”

Richard Butler

“When I logged into the control panel I couldn’t believe how well thought out and beautifully put together everything was…. what a first class act!

This is an absolute no brainer…  Do yourself a HUGE favor and give yourself this incredible gift. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

Gary Pettit

So The BIG Question Is “How Much Does This All Cost?”…

Look because you’re seriously considering this opportunity I wanted to make this as affordable as possible for you… 

There has never been an option to own licenses to all ten of these sites before… In fact the lowest amount each site license sells for right now is $297 (remember that’s PER SITE)  so the price here should be $2,970  (but it’s not)…

When you factor in that this amazing membership network cost over two hundred thousand Dollars and almost a year to create but you can be set up, grabbing the glory and taking orders in less than an hour…

…  With everything done for you… full white label member support, autopilot affiliate promotions etc. then you probably agree that anything less than $2,000 is a deal you want to say ‘yes’ to!

But if all of this could be yours for even less than that, say $1,997 you’d probably think I was losing my marbles right?

Well you can help me find my marbles later but right now that’s the price

iiClub DFY Membership Sites

Please Note:  Platinum Account / Reseller Memberships Are Set Up Manually After Payment Is Received.  This Process Usually Takes 24 Hours – After Your Successful Transaction Further Information Is Provided.

PRICE/OFFER IMPORTANT:  As you can imagine chopping over $1,000 of our prices isn’t the most profitable way to run a business and I simply cannot make this offer at this low price a permanent fixture.  So to guarantee the $1,997 price you should secure your license right now.  If you wait I guarantee this will probably be gone and not repeated.


Gary and George
Infinite Income Club

P.S.  The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed…  This really is the easiest route to get all the benefits of owning a huge network of memberships sites without any of the hassles and stress that usually come with it.

By taking action right now not only are you making MASSIVE savings you’re eliminating a minimum of 12-18 months of hard slog attempting to put something like this together yourself.  Act now and you’ll be in business today!

PRODUCT GUARANTEE:  I’ll be totally straight with you here… If you plan on purchasing then asking for a refund, please don’t order a license.  This is a very limited offer, so if you are not 100% committed then leave the license for other resellers who are and who will put it to good use.  I only want to work closely with serious marketers and genuine folks that are ready to take their business to the next level.  

But because I want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a full 30 day money back guarantee – You will be ordering with confidence and this eliminates any kind of risk on your part.   


“I’m always on the lookout for automated income sources and plugging this into my biz was a no brainer. It generates a few hundred bucks every month for me, completely on auto-pilot. Thanks for a fantastic plug-in profit generator!”

Jim Daniels